I'm Walter Jennette,
Your Favorite Cre8v

I was put on this earth to do 3 things…Create, Inspire & Solve! Most of the time you can find me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook showing you how to build better brands, grow your business and create communities around the things you are most passionate about!

Walter Jennette

“What’s good party people!” You can also check out my podcast, buy some merch and see what my latest gear recommendations are!!!

What I Do

What Don't I do Is More Like It!


Content Creator

On any given day, you can find me creating content online…whether video or’s what I love to do & I help others do it too!


Brand Strategist

I eat, drink and sleep branding! I love helping businesses & people discover their secret sauce to attract the audience assigned to their voice!


I'm A genuis

I say that with all humility but there is a chance that if you have a problem then I have a solution. Maybe I should say consulting. Lol.

Most Recent

Videos & Projects

If I am not creating for myself I am creating for others. I am also Co-Founder of a media agency called The Firm Media Group. You can check out some of the work linked here, as well by clicking the link below!