About Me

Most people know me as Mr. “What’s Good Party People.” Am I the life of the party? Sure. But I bring energy and excitement to any room I’m in or any screen that you see me on! 

Hi There! I'm Walter Jennette An Aspiring Award Winning Content Creator

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Until I got bigger…I’m still trying to figure out when I was ever small…my family referred to me as “Lil Walt,” hence the Jr. in my name. I was born and raised in Little Washington, NC, which happens to be the original Washington. Most people know us for our gorgeous waterfront, the famous Bills Hot Dogs and King Chicken. Again, why they called me Lil, I don’t know. 

After graduating high school, I moved to Chapel Hill, NC where I attended the greatest university in the world! I don’t have to say it. You already know what it is. But for those of you who may not know…THE University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Did you know God is a Tarheel Fan? It’s true. That’s why the sky is Carolina Blue! But aside from that, I love music. Most people don’t know, I’m actually a musician. It’s all about them Tubas baby!!! Actually it’s not! Had a pair of drumsticks [not chicken] in my hand since I was 2 years old. Most people don’t believe I was in the band. I’ll share a picture below! Yup, that’s me! Many people see the drums in the background of my videos and forget I played. Maybe one day I’ll give you a concert!


I'm Your Favorite Creative's Favorite Cre8v

More than just something I use as part of my personal brand, it’s a mantra I live by. I was put on this earth to do 3 things…Create some of the dopest content you’ve ever seen…Inspire the Cre8v hidden within all of us…and Solve complex problems that help me make a living! That’s what I do on a daily basis. Within that are tons of other things but I narrow it down to building brands, growing businesses and creating communities around the things I’m most passionate about! Right now I’m building a table and inviting people to be at the table who want to do the same. Below you’ll see some of the brands that will be seated at the table this year!!!